The New Style of Parenting

It is undeniable that the generation gap of a parent and a child is big. Obviously, the things parents are used to and they were able to experience as a kid and before reaching adulthood cannot be expected to be the same experiences their children can experience today and as they grow. Because of this, parents need to somewhat adapt to the environment their children are growing. how can they possibly do it?

Adapting means adjusting. Since as mentioned, there is a big difference between the practices you had when you were at your children’s age, parents need to understand that the parenting style their parents had for them should also be adjusted and sometimes not just adjust but to change totally.

Children nowadays are into gadgets, as parents, what should you do assuming that during your younger years you were not able to have any gadget and just relied on the traditional time killer activities. Gadgets are trends and you do not want your child to be left behind especially that even educational institutions rely on technology. Give your children a reasonable hours of screen time but make sure to stick on it. Also, even if they say they are just playing a video game or watching some children stuffs online, make it a point to still supervise them.

New style or modern style does not mean changing everything and abrogating practices  you were able to experience as a child. Since you are coping with the changes in today’s generation, let your children also cope with what you know and did as a child. Introduce games and other time killers that you played and bond with your children with it.

Same with the communication you are building with your partner, your children also needs to learn to communicate and they can only learn it from how you initiate it with them. Just like Residential Sprinkler Repair, fix the gap and some issue as early as your children can still see appreciate you, repair is better than losing it all then trying to get them back.