Child-Rearing: Tough But Fulfilling

Raising a kid is not as easy as counting one, two, three. It is the most difficult job because aside from becoming selfless, all the stress, frustrations, and pressures can really be experienced in parenting. Now, what are the “must-do’s” to feel the genuine fulfillment of this endless job?

  1. Time is always an issue nowadays. Why? Because most of us are being eaten by social media. Social media is the ultimate time killer. And without noticing at an early phase, we will not be able to notice that we are spending most of our time browsing photos and reading posts about other people’s lives. As parents, we have to make sure that we give our children enough time and if possible most of our time. Start with the meal time. Family should eat together. Meal time also signals bonding even through a simple and small talk. Asking each other how did his or her day goes and responding in a manner that you are interested with your children’s day and stories also reflects a very good communication that can improve a child’s social well-being. When you give each other time to bond, you also communicate. You make that as one of the priorities that will help the child see hot essential it is.
  2. Always be willing to adjust your style as a parent. It should be given that you really have to give your child the limit on everything and you have to be firm when you set one. You do not give in. However, as parents, you also have to be a good role model and being a good role model is accepting that sometimes your judgment can also be over the limit. If that happens, make sure to have a clear explanation to your child. Rules are implemented for harmony. It is not about breaking the rules or repealing it. It is all about amending some for the benefit of everyone especially of course your child who is considered the most vulnerable in the family.

In parenting, it is not important, for example,  what Lerner said or other people will say. Your children your rules but always be flexible and continue learning.