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When talking about character traits, what do you think is that one thing that adults and children alike are the same? It is none other than “social interaction”. Children who have exceptional social skills have the tendency to perform better in school, great problem solvers and have a better self-image. There are kids who are born with an outgoing and charming personality and easily gets along with others. Though for some, socializing may seem to be a daunting task.

Instilling Social Interaction Skills

As a matter of fact, social interaction among children can be imposed easily, especially if yours are timid. Truth is, the simple activity of playing with other children is very useful already.

However, whenever social skills are put up to the test, parents can always use several activities that will develop these skills like playing charades to understand body language or even learning how to read facial expressions.


Kids may seem to be having fun all the time but life could be tough on them too. Regardless of age, resilience is something that must be learnt. When children are resilient, they will be in a position of handling challenges and traumas a lot better compared to those who are not.