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The holidays create tons of opportunities among kids to better understand how and why people need. On the other hand, in order for kids to feel that they’re compelled to lend a hand to others, they ought to recognize first that help is actually needed.

It’s the Parent’s Job

This is the point where parents could tap into the propensity of their kids for empathy, which is most evident in early stage of their life. Here, it will allow them to quickly pick up on emotions as well as needs of others.

Studies show as well that kids are likely to help others who are in need when they are trying to see the world right in their eyes or by identifying things they’ve got in common. Human and personal connection to someone makes the needs of a person harder to ignore and more real. As a result, it is motivating us to ease their suffering or problems they are going through.

Help them Realize the Impact

An important discovery from the studies of adults is they are deriving more happiness from generosity. Thus, they have the tendency to give more, especially if they are seeing the impact of what they are doing to other people.