Majority of the parent’s focus is on the extracurricular activities and academics of their children. But because of this, we tend to forget giving some time and effort in nurturing how our children will turn out to be a better person as they grow up. Though not so obvious, this is a critical component for the development and success of your little ones in the future.

You might kind of forget the significance of countering pervasive messages of consumerism, selfishness and instant gratification that is prevalent in our society nowadays.

Nurturing Empathy

Empathy or emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to put themselves in someone else’s situation. Through this, they get to understand that person’s thoughts and feelings. Additionally, it is among the critical foundations of a good person.

According to studies, it showed that high emotional quotient or EQs is an essential aspect to achieve success in life.

Encouraging Empathy

In an effort to encourage empathy, you have to encourage your children to talk about their feelings and ensure that they know you love and care about them. Whenever there’s a conflict with a friend, always ask them to see how their friend may feel and show them ways on how to manage their emotions and work on a positive resolution.