Should Parents Depend on their Angel Numbers?

Did it occur to you that you are constantly seeing repeating number sequences such as 666, 777 or 888 whether while working, babysitting and whatnot? Just say that you have checked your clock just to see if it is time to feed your baby and found it at 3:33 AM or perhaps, you’ve bought a formula from the store and given a change of $5.55. You get the idea.

What strange is, you keep on seeing these patterns in your life. Does it mean something? According to numerology, this particular sequential repetition is referring to angel numbers. This works in line with tenets of numerology that upholds the idea that every number is associated to this vibrational frequency or energy that is encompassing the meaning beyond its number value.

So say that you are a parent or maybe a guardian, knowing what angel number means can help you get an idea of what you should actually be doing. Following are some of the most frequently seen angel numbers reported by people.


Some may associate 666 as a negative omen. But in reality, this is a way of your angels to send signals to you that you should be taking personal responsibility in the things you do in life. Stop, pause and contemplate what you should be really doing. If you are a parent, then it may be that you have something you want to do but is afraid to push forward because of your baby.

That’s totally understandable but it does not mean that you should give up. While you may have to postpone stuff, there will come the right time when you can get back to it. Timing is everything.


Here’s a thorough guide on 777. These repeating numbers are the universe’s way of urging you to let go of whatever is holding you back and relax. Embrace the moment and trust the process. For any new parents out there, it may be a sign that you should start letting go of the fears and anxieties you might have in raising your child. Nothing is easy in this world but we can all adapt to everything.