Baby Clothes You Need to Buy First

It is hard not to give in buying every baby needs in the store, especially if it is your first time having a baby. But does it mean that you get everything in one go; from the baby clothes, playpens, cribs and the likes? You don’t necessarily have to purchase everything at once. You can get back to it at a later date and buy it for a lower price.

On the meantime, let us focus on what requires more of our attention. That will be the newborn clothes. So what would this be?

2 to 4 Pieces of Infant Gowns

It is recommended to stick with these pieces of clothing until such time that the cord stump is gone. This helps a lot in ensuring that your baby is free from any irritation. Plus, changing diaper becomes a breeze when you have these gowns while ensuring that they’re thoroughly protected.

4 to 8 Pieces of Onesies or Bodysuits

Search for those that have loose legs and wide openings in the head. Whether you like it or not, things could be traumatic for the two of you in putting the clothes over your baby’s head.

Just in case that you are still having a hard time putting onesies despite its wide head opening, check out side-snap Ts or kimono style clothes.

4 to 8 Pieces of Vests or Undershirts

Likewise with the previous item, go with the one that has a wide opening or perhaps, snaps at shoulder section. It must have snaps as well under the crotch.


4 to 8 pieces of this will do. Pajamas are not just ideal before putting your baby to sleep but also, it can be used as daytime clothing particularly if you are just at home. In general, one-piece items are the simplest option you have in dressing your baby.

Blanket Sleepers

If you are thinking of the safest option to don for your newborn at night, then blanket sleepers got you. On the other hand, make sure that you veer from anything that has drawstrings which could put your baby at risk of strangling.