Ways to Keep Children Away from Electric Shock

The devastating story of a two-year-old tragedy from electrocution serves as a warning to parents to keep a watch on their children and make their homes childproof. It’s crucial to note that when it comes to making your house safer, electricity must be on the list. Aside from calling an electrician ipswich, make sure to consider these approaches.

Aside from keeping dangerous substances out of reach, blocking stairs, and putting down mats, you must also protect outlets to protect not just your inquisitive kids but the whole family from electrical hazards. Here are some safety measures to take.

Cover electrical outlets with outlet covers.

If your outlets aren’t tamper-proof, cover them with electrical outlet covers while they’re not in use. It’s made of plastic and is one of the most affordable methods to keep your “terrible twos” from poking fingers and things. However, it is preferable to utilize caps with concealed draw handles that a youngster will struggle to grasp.

Use extension cords sparingly.

Kids have a habit of chewing on anything they grasp, and you don’t want them chewing on your electronics. Furthermore, you don’t want children to confuse extension cables with toys and break appliances that are connected into it. If you can’t eliminate using them, keep them hidden under furniture that your kids can’t reach.

Keep water away from power lines.

It’s no surprise that water and power don’t mix well since electric shock may result. As a result, any glass or container containing water that a kid could pour over electrical outlets or appliances should be kept away.

Maintain your electrical system on a regular basis.

Always look for any breakage or exposed wires in your electrical outlets, extension cables, and appliances. Don’t bother to fix it yourself or get it fixed by a competent electrician to prevent electrical shock, which may cause serious harm or death.