Ways to Influence Your Kids’ IQ

A complex mix of genetic and environmental factors is responsible for your little one’s IQ. Much of this is beyond your control, but what you can control is the quality of the time you spend with your offspring and the incentives you offer them.

While a lot of love and affection is of course most important for the little ones, activities that stimulate their brains are also required. Activities such as free iq test instant results not only promotes the development of the little ones but also means a good time for young and old.

Parenting: Use IQ test to stimulate eyesight

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Newborn babies recognize faces very quickly and those of mother and father are of course particularly important. Every time your baby looks into your eyes, his or her brain is working. Memory is being formed and stimulated.

Play hide and seek after a free IQ test. First, you are there and whoosh, your hand is in front of your face and you are gone. This well-known hide-and-seek game is important for kids. It promotes the child’s awareness that mom and dad will come back, even if they’re gone. In addition, look-and-see play develops the understanding of object permanence, which children first have to learn. This is understood to mean the ability to understand that an object continues to exist, even if one does not see it.

Find the difference. Show your baby two pictures that are the same but have one big difference. This ability is important when it comes to distinguishing letters from one another and reading words later.

Pointing and interpreting can stimulate children’s IQ

Point your finger at objects or people when you are talking about them. This makes it easier for your baby to understand connections and the logical connection between the word “lamp” and the object “lamp”.

You can also use sign language. It doesn’t have to be the correct sign language right away, but making signs and gestures with your hands while you speak to your baby will help your child understand you better. Studies show that you can also give a helping hand to the little one’s IQ. According to a study at the University of California, babies who learned over 20 signs spoke earlier and had a higher IQ than children of the same age.