Raising Children like a True Good Parent

A lot of parents are focusing their attention on the extracurricular activities and academics of their children. Because of this, they are constantly telling them to finish their homework, take dance lessons or even join a sports club in their school. But in most instances, parents have the tendency to forget to put effort and time into nurturing other essential components of their child’s development and success, which is to become a wonderful person.

Setting a Great Example

While it is okay to encourage children to do good in their academics and other extracurricular activities, with some parents going the unconventional way of teaching their children early to learn about social media such as YouTube, what matters is their personality at the end.

It is fairly easy to forget the significance of countering the pervasive message of consumerism, selfishness and instant gratification that’s prevalent in our society. So to help raise a well-mannered kid, the following may just help you out.

Nurture Empathy

Empathy and emotional intelligence are the ability to put oneself in someone’s situation. This also takes into account of their thoughts and feelings. In fact, it is considered as among the vital traits of good people. According to studies, it showed that having high EQ or emotional quotient enables an individual to understand someone’s feelings and their own.

In order to promote empathy, it is nice to encourage children to talk about what they are feeling and ensure that they know you care for them too. Whenever there’s a conflict with their friend, ask them to imagine what would their friend would feel and show them ways how to manage their emotions. Set examples too on how to positively come up with a solution.

Encourage Them to Lift Others

While stories about children engaged in bullying and several bad behaviors are making headlines, the reality is, most kids are quietly doing good deeds in their lives. This is whether they are trying to make a friend feel a lot better when down and whatnot.

While you are instilling positive behaviors similar to doing something that’ll make their day better, make sure to talk about the potential impacts of having negative behaviors similar to bullying or gossiping and how and why it hurts people.