Pet Parenting in the Midst of Inflation – The Real Conditions

Many animal researchers present themselves as experts when it comes to pet care; providing information pet owners can use as a guide in caring for their pets. Yet once they actually become pet owners themselves, they are surprised to learn that getting into real pet parenting is easier said than done. It’s not just about providing a safe and warm place but also providing them with love and attention. It’s not just about giving them food but making sure you are giving them the right nutrients they need. That’s why many pet parents make it a point to store pet food in the best food containers and give them vitamins recommended by family veterinarians.

While many are attracted to the idea of becoming a pet parent, there are reality aspects of having a dog or cat who will be invading spaces they used to deem as private. There are actions and responsibilities elevating the status of a person from being a mere pet owner to being a good pet parent. Sadly, stories of how a pet owner surrenders or at worst, abandon their animal instead of working out challenges, are real and recently, have become too many.

Inflation Has Caused Many Pet Parents to Abandon Their Animal Care Commitment

While at first many had good intentions of providing a safe and loving environment for their dog, not a few had personal and financial issues that barred them from becoming a good pet parent.
Know beforehand that becoming a pet owner means investing time and money to make sure one’s dog or cat is safe and happy in the place where you leave it when you go to work.

Although cats are more quiet and less demanding for attention, decide early on whether you want to adopt a male or female kitten. The basic natural instincts of female cats could spell propagation problems. So If you’re planning to become a cat parent, know that one of the consequences is having unwanted cat litter that becomes your responsibility. Not unless you bring them to a shelter where they are at risk of being euthanized. Getting a cat spayed is not as easy either, because there are certain issues that could spell extra medical costs.

Yet can you become a great pet parent if you cannot afford your own health care costs? While some suggest getting pet health insurance, a recent report from Forbes revealed that about 42% of American pet owners cannot afford to pay for unexpected medical expenses. About 44% of the pet parents faced with such a dilemma went into credit card debt to pay for their pet’s emergency veterinary bills. Only 5% had to dig deep into their savings account using funds meant for other things.

Although according to Forbes, only 3% of American pet owners gave up their pets to animal shelters or to a rescue organization that will put up their pet for adoption. However, there are indications that the number can still rise because about 10% of current pet parents are looking to transfer to a more pet-friendly place. Apartment owners have been raising not only the costs of rent but also the amount of pet deposit that renters must pay for animal family members.