Keyword Research for Family Business

If SEO is important to you, you should always research what your target audience is actually looking for first. Whether you are naming a product category or building a brand for your family business, the first step is keyword research.

Skincare is among of the best business niches to try out as a parent and entrepreneur. This is important because skincare reflects the health of your customers. There are numerous skincare products business owners available online today.  It could be somewhat thought-provoking for a novice to stand out. Hence, it is crucial to perform keyword research. This way, you can be able to reach your target group and build your branding.

Skincare keywords

What is the goal of keyword research for your family skincare business?

With a keyword research you determine which terms your target group enters into Google to find what you offer. The goal of this keyword analysis is to find the search terms that are searched for the most. At the same time, the search query must match your offer or topic exactly. Otherwise the largest search volume will not bring you anything.

How to do keyword research

Step 1: Google keyword

The first step should always be to Google your keyword yourself. Why? Because you might be using the wrong keyword. The search results give you an idea of ​​what the searchers want to find. If there is completely different content than yours, it is the wrong keyword for you.

Step 2: Check related searches

But there is much more inspiration slumbering in the search results. For example, the “Related Searches” at the bottom of the results.

Step 3: Check Google Suggest

You can repeat steps 1 and 2 with the newly found terms. In addition, you can simply click in the search field after your search to receive further suitable search suggestions from “Google Suggest”.

What to look out for when researching for your family skincare business

When writing your content and trying to cover the important terms from your keyword research, don’t overdo it. Google only give you suggestions that may be important, but do not necessarily have to appear in your text. Always write your text in such a way that it is readable and interesting for your target group. Thanks to various updates, Google is now very well able to recognize over-optimized texts that do not offer users any real added value. Therefore, when creating content for your family business, you should always ask yourself what your visitors are really interested in.  Tailor your content to the needs of the users.