Becoming Parents: How it starts

There is something would like to know for those who are about to become pregnant or have a baby, or those who have no plans yet but will become dads and moms later. Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are, of course, big events in a happy life with lots of joy and fun.

The change in body and environment of pregnancy is more than you can imagine!

During the 10-month gestation period, there are restrictions on various things such as diet, exercise, and work. It’s hard for people who like smoking, drinking, and exercising. You can also suffer from morning sickness that you don’t know when it will end. In addition to the stress of not being able to do what you want to do, you may also be worried that your baby is growing up safely.

We also often hear people say that when they become pregnant, their emotions become unstable, they suddenly become anxious and frustrated, and they tend to tear. This can be difficult for dads to understand. Mom is confused by her sudden changes in her body. I want my dad to understand the changes and to be with him and listen to him.

Childbirth is the time that moms and children spend their lives

Birth is life-threatening. When will the labor come, how long will it hurt, and how long will it last? That is unpredictable for moms, doctors and midwives. For about 10 months as the baby grows in her belly, she prepares to fight the fear and pain of childbirth. Even after giving birth safely, moms have no time to rest, such as breastfeeding their babies and putting them to sleep. Family support and cooperation are indispensable during childbirth.

Changes in the environment since the birth of a child

Of course, when a child is born, the living environment changes drastically. For a while after birth, the sleep cycle will be in line with the baby’s life rhythm, and moms will not be able to get a good night’s sleep. Milk, laying down, and diapers are repeated. Moms can’t relax during their meal time or toilet / bath time.

You also need to worry! But don’t hold it alone

Parenting is not all fun. Of course, my child is cute and healed. Children are angels and treasures. However, while raising children, many worries and anxieties arise. Weight, development, baby food. Anxiety and worries are endless.

When you are worried or anxious, please rely on the people around you. Do not continue to worry alone by consulting with your dad, your parents, the Regional Comprehensive Support Center, etc. No matter how small it may be, it is a big problem for mom at that time. And if you need a room to be painted for your bundle of joy, residential painters in Abilene Texas can help with that.