Harmless Card Games Like Solitaire 7 Kabale for Kids

Kids might be so fond and interested playing Minecraft and other games. But do kids also know how to play card games? But in the first place, is it something that kids are allowed to do so? While it looks like card games are something reserved for adults, there are actually few that kids can play online. For instance, they can play some kiddie card games like solitaire on https://liss.dk/7-kabale/.

Harmless Card Games for Kids

If you wish to play card games with your little ones, then the following may be a good start.

Crazy Eights

This is a game that needs both patience and focus from players. Basically in this game, concentration would be the key to winning. The winner is a clever shark who will then get rid of all cards. No special card is needed for this game to play; just a standard card deck will do. The best part, it can be played with kids who are aged 5 and up.

Snip, Snap, Snorem

Kids do love energetic and noisy games. They are quick to jump at any chance given to them time and time again. The name of this game itself would excite any kids who’d hear it.

Snip, Snap, Snorem is basically a matching-type game, so it is fairly easy to understand.

Go Fish

Thinking of something that you can play with your kids and teach them as well about patterns and numbers? If so, then Go Fish is going to be a great game! The best thing with this game is, it could be played at once and just takes few minutes. You can also play it several times and have a tally to be able to determine who the winner will be.


As for kids 7 and up, this will be a good game to try. There are different ways of playing Rummy with rules that are fit to different ages. Kids may beat their friends playing this card game and challenge grownups too.


This game is fairly simple. Players only have to collect cards with 4 of a kind and whoever gets first is the winner.