Parenting Role

Letting your kid to misbehave simply because you’re feeling guilty isn’t going to do anything good. If ever you feel bad, then check out other ways that you can do to resolve this guilt through discipline. To give you an example, do you have to make more time to bond or do you have to constantly remind yourself that it’s good for your kids to be given with healthy discipline?

Establish Limit and Let them Know about it

See to it that you are making time together by following some clear limits. With this, you’ll be able to spend more time together.

In the event that you have offered some harsh discipline back then, it does not mean that you must not discipline your children now.

It is important for you, as parent to be consistent in disciplining your kids. Inconsistency is going to confuse children and may even lead them to have increased negative behavioral pattern.

Don’t Break the Habit

Therefore, even if you’re a bit extra hard on them the other day, let them see that the same rules apply today. Kids will be kids and you have to constantly enforce your authority so they remember what you wanted them to be.