Technology and critical thinking

Hi Samuel,

I’m an occupational therapist and sensory specialist with expertise on the impact of technology on health and productivity, and would like to comment on your request for information regarding the effect of technology use on critical thinking.

Human focus and productivity is achieved by using the body, and higher level thought is accessed by first balancing body energy. If body energy is too charged or too zoned out, humans are unable to focus and be productive at home or in the workplace. There are three critical factors to balance body energy – movement, touch and human connection. When these three critical factors are not achieved, such as when the person overuses technology, then ability to focus and access higher level critical thinking is impaired.


Adults require one hour per day of vigorous movement to promote optimal arousal states necessary to focus and achieve optimal productivity. The best types of movement are those that simulate “heavy work” in the form of push-pull-lift-carry activities. Workplace examples would be stationary weights, chin-up bars, or hand/chair/wall/floor push-ups. Home examples would be gardening, stopping off at the gym, cleaning out the garage/basement, or playful wrestling with partner or kids.


Emailing and Skype meetings have resulted in less physical contact at work. TV’s in every room at home isolate family members. Cell phone use has reduced the perceived need to get together. Touch deprivation is causing a soaring incidence of anxiety and depression, as people feel more and more alone.

Human Connection

As people connect more and more to technology, they are disconnecting from self, others and nature (termed The Triple Disconnect). The virtual world and reality TV has replaced a sense of “self”, as identities become more and more blurred. Social ability continues to decline, especially in young males, creating a widening void between partners, as well as between parents and children. Adults now “fear” nature, and pass these fears onto children. As nature is the ultimate healer, mental illness reaches epidemic numbers.

Let me know if this is the type of information you are looking for, and I can elaborate.

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