Human evolution and technology – are they mutually exclusive?

Hi Mr. Miller,

I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist with expertise on the impact of technology on human development and productivity. I would like to respond to your request for information regarding technology and human evolution.

The human body, mind and soul were biologically designed to live close to nature, and have done so for thousands of years. Evolution has enabled humans to lead the animal pack by providing a strong body, creative mind and expansive soul. 250 years ago we moved to survive, and our sensory world was nature based and calm.

The rapidity with which technology has impacted the slow process of human evolution, has left little time for human adaptation, an essential feature for survival. Technology is a train that is moving very fast, and people are silently falling off without our awareness of why or how. Children are especially vulnerable, and their failure to adapt to technology is gravely impacting their health and academic performance.

14.3% of Canadian children have a diagnosed mental illness, and many are taking adult psychotropic medication that has never been tested on children. 15% of US and Canadian children are developmentally delayed, and 15% are obese. Soaring child aggression is creating behavior management problems in classrooms and at home, necessitating the US to recently classify media violence as a public health risk.

Addicted to technology, maldeveloped, hypervigalent, aggressive, in states of high adrenalin and PTSD, the sustainability of our children is now in question. The 21st century body is weak, the mind overloaded, and the soul non-existent. Truly, the saddest result of technology in children’s lives is the loss of their hearts. Overexposure to violence and sex has desensitized children, and eliminated the ability to empathize.

Connection to technology is disconnecting humans from themselves, each other and nature. Balanced technology management initiatives at home, school and workplaces would ensure humans balance what they need to grow and succeed, with technology use. We need to bring the technology train back to the station, until society can figure out how to slow it down to allow humans to adapt.

Let me know if you’d like more information. I’ve attached a bio and fact sheet, with loads of articles, interviews and research on my website below.

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